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album of the week - Each week we feature an album that might make a good friend for you – someone you’ll want to hang out with or maybe be reacquainted with.

Antipopstars.com - Music news/gossip/interviews/articles/forums/gig guide. Based in Australia but the occasional international news will slip in too.

Australia By Song
Australia By Song contains a growing list of Australian towns and locations that have been immortalised by both traditional and contemporary song.

Australian Internet Radio
We are starting a new station playing only new Australian music from 2000 onwards.
Access code http://lin2.ash.fast-serv.com:6006/rtradio.mp3
It works in WMP/itunes/winamp. We play only Australian and NZ music
If any Australian artists want airplay on our new station "dair" please send CD to us and we guarantee until 30/6/09 that everyone who sends us music will get at least one song added to our playlist. Also let us know your thoughts on music...
Australian Internet Radio, PO box 308, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782, Australia

Australian Music Business Manual
Australian Music Business Manual eBook is a comprehensive, simple to understand music business consultancy and artist management system developed for Australian independent musicians, songwriters, bands and artist managers.

A culmination of 16 years professional artist management, tour management and event service coupled with 4 years of research and development, this Independent Australian music business manual is like no other product on the market. A state of the art education and resource tool built for self managed musicians and artist managers that aim to work hard and develop a long career in this multi faceted industry.

We supply everything required to build successful Artist Management Services, Business Skills and Infrastructure, Brand Development and Protection, Career Development, Expert Tour and Logistics Management, Build Powerful Websites and Social Media, Grow Dedicated Fan Base, Communication Capabilities, Public Relations, Media Resources, Release, Self Marketing and Distribution of New Music, Easy to Understand Copyright and Publishing Sections, 27 Ready To Go Contracts, Agreements and Useful Forms along with Direct one click links to Quality Business and Government Portals that allow subscribers to to run and promote smart, cost effective music business saving Time and Money. This will change your music career and is an investment you will never regret.

Australian Musician Magazine
Subscribe to Australian Musician and have it delivered to your door!

Australian Music Online
Information about Australian bands and musicians.

Bandvan is your dedicated online gateway to fast, reliable and cost effective car hire in Australia AND worldwide, Compare and Book the best rates from all major suppliers like Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Budget, Thrifty and more....

DrumBooth is Australia's first online community for Australian Drummers to discuss, learn, teach, promote, buy, sell, exchange.

Ethereal Guitars
Provider of custom built electric guitars using Australian Timbers. Instruments proudly handmade in Australia.

FretBox.com - Social Networking for Australian musicians. Sell YOUR music, talk in the forums, thousands of features. Completely FREE! (also at MySpace)

Google Music Trends
See what music is popular among Google Talk users

Google Groups - Australian Music News Group
Group discusses topics related to the Australian Music Scene

Guitar Player
For 40 years, Guitar Player has been the most respected, the most credible, the most comprehensive, and the most revered guitar magazine on the planet. Each issue focuses on what serious players need to know about gear, techniques, and creativity through product reviews, artist features, mini lessons, songwriting and recording tips, and more.

Hot Source
Your one stop shop for all things music - Musicians, fans, venues, gig guides and RSS articles.

Australian Music Industry Resources

IHZ International
is an online intelligence infrastructure of combined industries specialising in Enterprise - Investments - Consultation - Graphic Design & Web Development - Music - Distribution - Merchandise - Fashion - Philanthropy & much more.

AustralAsian Music Industry Directory - Online and print sourcebook for all the contacts in the Australian music markets plus Asia/Pacific Regional Offices

Jelly Sounds
Jelly Sounds has it all about records. It does not matter whether you need a 180gms vinyl, a 7 or even 12inch single. This website is stocked with more than 330,000 titles. Any record that is on vinyl, you will most likely find on this website. If you are looking for important information about different vinyl records such as the top picks, you will also get them here. It also has navigation buttons to help you access customer service if you have any challenge in accessing the information that you want.

John McFadyen's wah wah mod page
Welcome to my wah wah mod page, for all you wah wah pedal needs, all parts for you to mod your pedal or you can send your pedal to me and i will mod it with top quality components I am based in Newcastle NSW Australia.
My parts and prices are below. I do mods on most types of wah pedals including the GCB 95 crybaby, Original crybaby, Thomas organ crybaby, Vox 847, JH1 and Zakk Wylde wah.
Some pedals I cant (or wont) mod include, Vox 847a (Chinese Crap) 535Q, 95Q, DB01 Dimebag, Crybaby Classic GCB-95F or any non Dunlop or Vox wah pedal.

Imagine myspace and itunes combined into one website where you could find music and videos and buy directly from the artist. Keytone, the Multimedia Marketplace. Joining is free!

Melbourne Performance Therapy
Melbourne Performance Therapy is a wholistic approach to the musculoskeletal health of Melbourne's performance artists. Located in Clifton Hill Melbourne, MPT is a specialist clinic dedicated to providing treatment and care for musculoskeletal injuries affecting performers, including musicians, vocalists, dancers and actors.

Digital music distribution website.

Retail music based social network and reward site.

An extremely comprehensive website with heaps of historical data for each and every day of the year. You have the option of selecting purely music-related history.

The Music Noticeboard
Our website provides a connection point for the Australian music community. Bands, musicians, venues - even musical services such as music teachers and recording studios can be found or posted using our site themusicnoticeboard.com

The Push
non-profit organisation providing opportunities for young people to access affordable, alcohol free events

An indepth look at the popular music scene in Australia. Updated news and reviews.

Fresh Content
Free content for your website by Fresh Content.net

Sell Music Downloads
Sell your songs as music downloads from your own website - customer management, 100% automated, easy integration.
The Freebie Directory
Your searchable source for freebies

www.TheStage.tv is a world wide open mic website POWERED BY YouTube, welcoming talented musicians/singers to perform anytime 24/7 for a live world wide audience. Contests and weekly showcases. Bring your friends to cheer you on!


Circle of Fifths
Learn or revise your knowledge of key signatures with this graphic demonstration of the Circle of Fifths.

Expert Performer
Scarlet Bennett at Expert Performer is a peak performance psychologist with specialist expertise in helping performing artists achieve superior outcomes. She is an expert in all aspects of performance psychology, including treating performance nerves. You can access free tips via her blog at http://www.expertperformer.com. You can also subscribe to receive free resources. Empower yourself with the tools that will lift your performance to the next level.

Unlock your child's genius by exposing them to the right kind of music.

List of musical terminology
This is a list of musical terms that are likely to be encountered in printed scores. Most of the terms are Italian, many English and some French or German. Others are from languages such as Latin and Spanish.

Music Fun
Music Fun produces quality resources for music teachers and students which are fun and educational.

Music Online Games
Music online games, theory, software

Music theory online learning
To begin your journey into the realm of music, please select a lesson, trainer, or utility from the lists

Tune Toys
Tune Toys is a collection of web-based algorithmic composition toys, written by Tim Thompson. All of them make use of the KeyKit programming language for processing and producing MIDI music. The source code for most of the tools is viewable from each tool's page.


MusicBizAustralia.com Classified Ads
From time to time ads for employment of musician may be posted or you may place your own ad for free promoting your talents.

Bookings Direct - Australian bands and entertainers
Promote your musical talent or your band, get the gigs and cut out the middleman! Bookings Direct is the original and most informative online booking service for Australian bands, entertainers and music teachers. This website is totally free to use and there are absolutely no booking fees or commissions!

Musicians Wanted
www.bmusic.com.au classifieds

Bands Wanted By Musicians
www.bmusic.com.au classifieds

Arts Hub
Australian arts jobs, careers and opportunities for creative people

Musicians Classifieds
The International Musicians Trading Post - free on-line classifieds for musicians since 1996.

Star Now - Musicians wanted
Star Now, the online talent community - find a job - Musicians wanted.

Music jobs online
Music employment resource

Major Music
Jobs at Major Music

Music Jobs
Job search

UK Music Career Prospects
Training required, job description, salary, conditions and case studies..

Music 101 has now introduced the Music Retail sales Certificate course. Get the info you need to jump into a career working in a music shop. All musicians dream of day work in music retail then playing at night, make your dream come true. Check out www.music101.com.au for more details. Start your new career NOW.............



Jazz Australia
A national resource, bringing together jazz organisations, institutions, musicians and enthusiasts from across the country.

Australian Jazz & Music
Australian jazz news blog
Jazz Clubs Australia
A list of jazz clubs throughout Australia

Jazz History Multimedia Scrapbook Project
According to writer Gerald Early, "Two thousand years from now, America will be remembered for three things: the Constitution, baseball and jazz." Jazz is America's great art form, and today we will be studying it's rich and fascinating history! We will be using the following links to explore several aspects of "America's Great Classical Music." ....

Jazz Musicians' Protocol
By Ken Watters (Trumpeter / Summit Recording Artist / Yamaha Artist)

Jazz Planet
http://www.jazz-planet.com, Australian Jazz Online. Interviews, features and reviews focusing on Australian jazz and improvised music. Also pieces about jazz from other places, written by Australian writers.


Unlock your child's genius by exposing them to the right kind of music.






Australian Music & performing arts Copyright
Copyright information for composers, songwriters, musicians, performers, actors, choreographers, dancers, DJs, stage directors, bands, choirs. Also for people who want to copy, download, play or broadcast music.

Musicians Union of Australia
Joining the Musicians Union will give you protection, advice on all aspects of the Music Industry and make you part of the only organisation which specifically services the interests of all musicians.

Australasian Performing Right Association Australia for composers, authors and publishers of music. Whether you play, communicate or reproduce music it is more than likely that you will need a licence from APRA|AMCOS.

The Worldwide Band Name Registry notifies artists and labels where potential territorial name conflicts exist and registers your historical claim to 'name' usage.

Copyright Agency Limited
An Australian copyright management company whose role is to provide a bridge between creators and users of copyright material.

Credit Cards in Australia
Articles and information

Credit Card Companies
What You Want to Know about Transacting with Credit Card Companies

Banking, finance, investment, online transactions


Australian Pop Rock Bands and Musicians
Alphabetical list of Australian Pop Rock Bands and Musicians

List of musical terminology

This is a list of musical terms that are likely to be encountered in printed scores. Most of the terms are Italian, many English and some French or German. Others are from languages such as Latin and Spanish.


Music Council of Australia: National Listing of Groups
Listing of Australian music ensembles. An initiative of the Music Council of Australia in partnership with Australian Music Association and the Australian Society of Music Education

Musician Locator
The Musician Locator - Coming Soon.

Redeeming Features Entertainment
Music Resources

The Aussie Bands Music Page
A comprehensive Resource for Australian Bands

World Directory - Australian page
Australia at OyMap.net - a world directory









Various resources available for download from the internet...

Music Downloads

Yamaha Music Software
Downloadable computer software, MIDI files, Sheet Music and much more

eMusic.com MP3 music downloads
This MP3 store is the music geek's alternative to iTunes. The free trial includes 25 free song downloads and no obligation. Start downloading your FREE MP3s today and take two weeks to decide if you like eMusic.

Free MP3 music downloads
Download.com Music is your source for legal and free MP3 downloads. Download MP3s from thousands of artists.

iTunes (Free)
Download iTunes 7.3 Free for Mac and PC

The Hype Machine
The Hype Machine aggregates MP3s from the vast world of music blogs. Searching for an artist in The Hype Machine returns tons of results, and you can stream the songs inline in the results.

SeeqPod is a straight up MP3 search engine at first glance, but after you perform your first search you'll notice a fancy Flash app that makes it easy to create playlists in your browser via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

SkreemR is another simple, barebones MP3 search engine. Like Hype Machine, SkreemR pulls its content from across the internet and can stream any song in your browser.

Thesixtyone has positioned itself to be a Digg-like community for music, which makes it a great place to discover new music (though it still handles search like the rest of them).

Deezer is a well designed site with more of a focus on building playlists, rating songs, and other more advanced features for registered users (though you don't have to be registered to use the site). You can even view and listen to entire albums on Deezer.

BeeMP3 isn't really about streaming music or making playlists—it's more of a straight search and download site, providing details like bitrate, format, and frequency of the encoded music file.

Most of the music you'll find on Songza consists of live recordings, which is excellent for finding rare songs or performances, but unfortunately Songza isn't much for providing download links—but at least their player embeds nicely (as you can see above).

For those of you who want to make sure that you're not downloading any copyrighted material, CCHits aggregates Creative Commons-only music so you can download anything you want, guilt-free.





Software Downloads

Yamaha Music Software
Downloadable computer software, MIDI files, Sheet Music and much more

Jazz Radio Online
Online Jazz Radio For IE & FF, the Jazz Radio toolbar. The Jazz Radio toolbar is a totally free browser add-on, that is meant for Jazz music fans to listen to jazz radio stations online. The highlight of the toolbar is a radio player with over 100 jazz radio stations broadcasting worldwide,including podcasts. You can always define your own stations and add them to the radio by yourself. Beside the radio, the add-on contains rich content from the world of Jazz : Music reviews, new albums, news , jazz clubs, festivals and events around the world, tickets, and more content updates weekly.

ONLINE JAZZ RADIO free jazz toolbar
Online Jazz Radio For IE & FF, the Jazz Radio toolbar. The Jazz Radio toolbar is a totally free browser add-on, that is meant for Jazz music fans to listen to jazz radio stations online. The highlight of the toolbar is a radio player with over 100 jazz radio stations broadcasting worldwide,including podcasts. You can always define your own stations and add them to the radio by yourself. Beside the radio, the add-on contains rich content from the world of Jazz : Music reviews, new albums, news , jazz clubs, festivals and events around the world, tickets, and more content updates weekly.

ONLINE WEB RADIO free software
Many Free software downloads for accessing Internet TV and Radio, etc.

Downloadable Music Software
Lots of music software for writing music, playing music, printing music, processing music, downloading music and much more





Other Downloads

Blank Music Manuscript - Print Online
This page allows you to print blank 6 stave, piano 2 stave, SATB and custom music manuscript paper.

Blank Music Manuscript - Free Download
Blank Music Manuscript for writing music. Free Download from http://www.virtualsheetmusic.com

Sheet Music - Historic American
Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 (Duke University)

The Lyrics Library







Australian Music Biz
Co-ordinates all facets of marketing services for your music project - printing, merchandise, promotion, CD pressing, etc.

Easybe 1-2-3 Music Store
Sell your songs as music downloads from your website. Make money with your music!

GMF Global Music Foundation
The GMF, a non-profit organisation founded by professional musicians, aims to encourage people everywhere to enjoy and learn about music from various genres and countries by organising and supporting seminars, jazz courses, world music courses, workshops and performances around the world.

Musicians Registry
Musician's Registry includes an International Musicians' Directory, Events, Resources, etc.

MusicIP (Artist Tools)
MusicIP will get your songs heard by listeners looking for your music, without relying on genres, editorial review, or other traditional search systems - all for free!

submits your music to genre-specific radio stations, online music magazines, podcasts, music blogs, music content sites, and more. Get online reviews and radio airplay - submit your music to hundreds of the best sites on the internet. It's as easy as creating your account, then loading your music material, including songs, pics, links, bio, press release, and video - they do the rest!

Nimbit Online Merch Table
The nimbit Online Merch Table (OMT) is the one tool that lets you sell Mp3s CDs, T-shirts, even tickets directly to your fans, from anywhere on the web. Place it on all your websites and let fans share it on their own blogs and sites, creating a viral network for your music.

Sellaband is a music website which began in August 2006 to allow bands to raise the money to record a professional album. With the support of music industry professionals, any band that is able to sell 5000 "parts" is then provided with their own producer, studio, and A&R to record and promote an album. Bands are required to set up a profile and upload some of their music to attract "Believers". Parts are sold at US$10 each, giving the band US$50,000 to record, mix, and manufacture their album. Believers are then given a limited-edition copy of the album, a share of advertising revenue from the free download section of the site, and revenue from the sales of the CD.

Search Placement Pros
With 8 years of experience in SEO, Search Placement Pros will get your website to the top of search results

The Australian Music Teachers Register
AMTR is a referral service linking music students and schools with music teachers and accompanists. This service is FREE for students. Teachers from Melbourne area get listed for $10 per month.