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Robyn Williams, is a science journalist
and presenter of ABC Radio National's
"The Science Show" and "Ockham's Razor."

both wonderful and informative programs.

The Ockham's Razor episode presented
on Sunday 6 May 2012,
asks and answers this question...

Robyn Williams

May 2012

The Question:
Does music really have magical healing properties?

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Over the years the programs "All in the Mind", "The Science Show" and "Ockham's Razor" broadcast on ABC Radio National have been a treasure trove of intriguing stories involving countless aspects of science, technology, the human mind and many other topics regarding human endeavour. 

The Ockham's Razor episode: "MUSIC AND THE MIND" which was broadcast on ABC Radio National on
6 May 2012 would probably be of interest to most musicians and particularly those involved in music therapy. It is a presentation of  Emeritus Professor Roger Rees from Flinders University in Adelaide talking about how music can be hugely beneficial in the recovery people disabled by brain injury, Parkinson's disease, Motor Neuron disease, and many other disabilities involving movement, communication and other brain functions.
He not only describes what positive effects music may have on people with such disorders, but also explains how these effects are achieved.
Professor Roger Rees
Professor Roger Rees
Just in case you didn't tune in on 6 May 2012, you may listen to the
complete audio of this
Ockham's Razor episode by clicking here........

The complete transcript and audio download may be found here

2012 Ockham's Razor, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National
(linked here with permission)

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